Thursday, March 21, 2002

Go Missouri! Go Texas!

Does anybody want to buy a pretty-looking iMac? We've got one for sale: It's like new, blue. 400Mhz/G3 Processor. Original box/materials/software. 10GB hard drive, CD-Rom/.v90 Modem, Ethernet (DSL/cable ready) and all the other fixins. $700 or best offer. E-mail us if you're interested.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

A new dish we've discovered: Pasta with red sauce, anchovies and turkey pastrami. Trust us, this is good. Oh, and did you know that there's a difference between turkey pastrami and pastrami turkey? I'm sure your butcher will happily explain. I'm not quite sure I can.
So if you're wondering why the Ironminds Weblog has been relocated, here's a simple answer: We are unfortunately having problems with the Web-hosting company that acquired our former Web-hosting company. This has been a painful process that has involved sporadic service and silly secret words and unsatisfactory technical support, and we've had enough. We're going to temporarily take down Ironminds soon. (Actually, we've already requested that our account be shut down, but things take time, you know.) And this is now the permanent home for the Ironminds Weblog.

Don't worry, the Ironminds archives will be back soon. If anybody is interested in donating hosting services for Ironminds, please let us know.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

We cleaned out a bunch of boxes today and then took about two dozen books to the neighborhood used bookstore. The nice man at the store bought pretty much everything we had, but he said he couldn’t purchase Kurt Andersen’s Turn of the Century: "We had so many of those, we had to sell them outside." Ouch.

One nice thing about cleaning is that you discover things you didn’t pay attention to the first time around. For example, Sorry About Dresden (AKA Conor Oberst’s brother’s band) is amazing. How we missed this CD when it first got sent to us, we have no idea. We understand all too well The Convenience of Indecision.

Sunday, March 17, 2002

Do you have suggestions, gossip or anything else you want to share? Drop us a line.

Bands: If you are interested in performing in our future events, send your CDs and other material attn: Andy Wang to 668 President St. #4, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Hello, friends. Much has changed since last we spoke. There's been this huge music festival. James Morrow is in Australia. David Gallagher has become even more of a Web celebrity.

As for us, we've become pretty obsessed with promoting music events and are planning many more. So this Weblog will largely exist as a self-promotional tool. For example: on Tuesday, April 2, there will be a show at Luxx featuring the Winter Olympics, the new band that includes the lovely and talented Darby Saxbe. There will be more information about this show soon.

An old pal has written a great book called Brush With the Law. You should check it out. We'll probably be writing more about this later.

Things that we're currently fans of include Netflix, Saddle Creek and The Shield. All three are featured prominently in the latest issue of Time. Draw whatever conclusions you want.