Sunday, March 31, 2002

Yes, Linkin Park is definitely more innovative than the Strokes. This is simply the most delicious piece of criticism we've read in weeks.

If you wanna have a good time Tuesday, stop by Luxx for an Ironminds night of music that will be delightfully all over the place. There will be much frolicking and dancing and all-around happiness, we promise.

Some promo blurbs if you're still not convinced.

A huge hit at their debut during the NY Metropolis Music Festival, the Winter Olympics feature a three-way songwriting attack that recalls the trident in the old Seattle Mariners logo in both sharpness and power, never hesitating to harmonize or cut you like Voltron. Think of the Monkees getting beaten up by Kim Gordon. Think of a bloodied, wrathful Carpenters.

Mz. PakMan are a bunch of raucous, hilarious trash punks featuring some of the top comix gals in the city. You can expect these ladies to be all dolled up, ready to create some raw, garage-y sing-alongy noise, with crowd-pleasing songs like Psycho Kitty, Barnyard Animal and Skankville.

The countrified rock boys in the Damnwells are quickly becoming one of New York’s most buzzed about bands. Digital City says that “The Damnwells are the kind of band that every boy envies and every girl dreams of. They play rock 'n' roll the way it is meant to be played, while constantly evolving their craft. The band plays compelling alterna-pop buoyed by twangy, hypnotic guitar and hook-laden choruses.” The NY Post urges to you to catch them while you can, “before they become the next Strokes.” Or the next Linkin Park.