Monday, April 22, 2002

Get ready to bounce around Thursday night at Galapagos. There will be an Ironminds night of music featuring Crowns on 45, Tartufi and The Io's. Now for some promo blurbs:

Washington City Paper says Crowns on 45 "are punk in the way punk should be: tousled, catchy and in-your-face." says that Crowns on 45 have combined "the sneer of punk, the tickle of '80s synth pop, and the attitude of downtown New York City," and are "so catchy I find myself humming them in the bathroom at work."

The San Francisco Bay Guardian named the all-girl band Tartufi one of the Top 10 local live shows in 2001. San Francisco promoter and reviewer Shani Heckma says that Tartufi plays songs that are "solid and dance-able, thick with new wave influences."

Centered around a mutual love and respect for 80s new wave and 90s power-pop grit, Chris Punsalan and Autumn Proemm formed the Io's in 1999. Chris's well-developed songwriting and crooning capabilities joined with Autumn's angelic, heartfelt harmonies are something to behold.

The fun starts at 8:30. Cover is $7. Hope to see you there.