Thursday, May 02, 2002

We went to see the Liars and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Mercury Lounge last night and were pleasantly surprised. These are two bands that deserve a lot of the attention they've been getting.

OK, on with the Ironminds shows: We've got an excellent lineup waiting for you on Sunday at Northsix. Televised Execution, tincantelephone and The Winter Olympics are playing. Doors at 8. Cover's just $8.

Now for the requisite bios:

Televised Execution (T.V.X.) is Dreiky Caprice and Nick Forte. Yes, they've been in other bands before (Crash Worship, Rorshac, Computer Cougar, The Turn-Offs...) T.V.X. is, however, the band of today. Guitar driven, vocal driven, beat driven. The result is distilled grooves and manic simplicity. Music to break your neck to.

An aggressive and dynamic mix of indie-rock guitar ingenuity, dream-pop beauty and post-punk angular energy, tincantelephone's style will at times recall Pacific Northwest guitar-poppers Built to Spill or Modest Mouse while at others reveal the influence of 1970s proto-punks Television. With Elvis Costello/Joe Jackson-esque vocals layered over creatively tuned guitars that shimmer and chime, tincantelephone has been said to fill the void left by such bands as Pavement, Polvo and My Bloody Valentine.

A huge hit at their debut during the NY Metropolis Music Festival, the Winter Olympics feature a three-way songwriting attack that recalls the trident in the old Seattle Mariners logo in both sharpness and power, never hesitating to harmonize or cut you like Voltron. Think of the Monkees getting beaten up by Kim Gordon. Think of a bloodied, wrathful Carpenters.

OK, thank you.

Monday, April 29, 2002

Thursday night was a great time all around. The Io's were dreamily brilliant, Tartufi came all the way from San Francisco to dazzle the crowd with some lovely punk, and Crowns on 45 rocked the night away. Thanks to everybody for coming out. Hope to see you Sunday at Northsix.