Wednesday, May 15, 2002

We’ve got a truly great Ironminds show at charming Brooklyn venue Lillie’s on Thursday night. Local favorite Amy Allison is playing on a bill with three excellent touring acts: John Vanderslice, Denison Witmer and Kimone.

The Voice says that John Vanderslice "is San Fran’s unsung pop guru; amazingly psychedelic indie-pop, richly layered with swelling string parts, adroit quirky-guitar, syrupy organ-drones, horns, hook-heavy candy vocals, trippy electronic bleep and blurp loops, and witty lyrics. Better than most of the Elephant 6 stuff, as ingenious and, at times, rockin’ as a Built to Spill number, his tunes have something very classy and epic about them -- like an indie-rock Queen (the band)."

Philadelphia Weekly says that Denison Witmer "is a promising young singer/songwriter with a sad, unflinching eye for confessional detail and a patient, creep up on you brand of understatement."

The Boston Phoenix says that Kimone "play magisterial, mysterious, slow-build guitar rock with elegant, modestly arranged trimmings."

The fun starts at 8:30 p.m. Advance tix are still available at Ticketweb, or you can just show up on Thursday. Hope to see you there.